Façade Restoration London

Restoring the front-facias of buildings back to their former glory. Intercity Contractors can help you breath life back into historic and listed buildings; via methods of cleaning, removal and painting.

Intercity Contractors can offer the following services:

  • Shot Blasting
  • Low Pressure Blasting
  • High Pressure Blasting
  • Steam Cleaning
  • ThermaTech® and DOFF Cleaning Systems
  • Superheated Water Jet Washing
  • Masonry Cleaning
  • Masonry Sealing
  • Masonry Painting

The outer facia of a building tells a story. Whether it be a display of innovative architecture, a portal into the time of which the building first stood or simply a prim-and-proper display, a building’s façade is often the first thing the eye meets. Intercity Contractors specialise in building façade restoration in London, having worked on projects of all sizes. We are well-experienced in working with Listed buildings and buildings of significance as part of our preservation and restoration projects.

If you are seeking professional building façade restoration in London, please contact Intercity Contractors Ltd on 0800 389 2331. Our skilled team of operatives are able to tackle all projects, no matter how big or small. From residential properties to commercial buildings, our team can help you achieve your desired façade outcome. We have extensive experience working with brickwork, concrete façades, natural stone and other types of bespoke building masonry.